Screea gives you Instant rewards on
Everything you spend!

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Screea is a cashback reward system

When you visit or refer a Screea partner merchant to a friend, Screea gives you rewards.

You will get points based on the amount spent, as well as the friend you referred.

The more friends you refer, the more you earn!

why Screea

Get cashback for doing what you love! It's that easy!

Whether you are a foodie, lifestyle expert, shopaholic or you just wanna explore more fun, Screea allows you to do so in a total different way. Let Screea help you explore everything you love with all new unexpected ways.

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Explore and enjoy lifestyle with everyone else

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The great Screea platform not only allows merchants to focus more on great products and services, but also help Screea users enjoy and share lifestyle together.

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Screea gives you Instant rewards on Everything you spend!

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